Fiber Optic Modem from TSL

The Model 1250 Fiber Optic Modem has been developed by Technical Services Laboratory as a means of transmitting RS-232 data from ASOS weather instrumentation to a central Data Collection Point (DCP).

Model 1250 Fiber Optic Modem from TSL
The Model 1250 was designed to meet the original ASOS Optical Design specification while significantly reducing cost through incorporation of modern optical components.

General Description
TypeFull-Duplex RS232C
Data Rate2.4 Kbps
Data TypeAsynchronous
Transmission Range10-1500 feet
Power Interface+5VDC via signal connector or terminal block
Dimensions2.5 x 1.3 x 1.1″
Optical Signal
Emitter TypeLED
Emitter Wavelength820-850nm
Detector TypePIN
Optical Budget7dB Minimum
Electrical Interface
Connector Type9-Pin “D” male (AMP 745071-1)
Range6 feet, typical; 25 ft. max.
Operating Temperature120° F-60° F
Withstanding Temperature130° F-80° F
Relative Humidity100%0%

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