Series 1500 S-Band Amplifier Products from TSL

The TSL Series 1500 products include a complete line of pulsed S-Band amplifiers suited for applications ranging from broadband wireless telecommunication to airborne active phased array radars.

The Series 1500 are state-of-the-art amplifiers utilizing a proprietary design that protects the amplifier against excess duty cycle and pulse width.

Series 1500 General Performance Specifications
Frequency 2.3GHz to 3.5GHz (In specific bands)
RF Power out 10W–5,000W
Duty Cycle 10% (Maximum)
Pulse Width in 10 μsec (Maximum)
Harmonic Suppression > 50 dBc
Efficiency 30% (Typical)
Protection Temperature, Input Overdrive, Reverse Polarity, Duty Cycle, Pulse Width, and Output VSWR
Input Power AC or DC Available (consult factory)
Operating Temperature -40⁰C (min) to +85⁰C (max)
Storage Temperature -55⁰C (min) to +100⁰C (max)
Cooling Forced Air or Natural Convection

Some of the more popular Series 1500 models are listed below with representative specifications. Variations on Frequency, Power, Duty Cycle, and Pulse Width, and other specification are available. Optional heat sinks are offered on selected models.

Please contact TSL for detailed specifications or special product requirements not listed.

Popular Series 1500 Models

1500-2000-2900/3300 2900–3300 2000 10 80 19.0×17.5×8.8
1510 2300–2500 10 10 6.6×4.6×1.2
1512 2700–3000 2 5 10.0×6.0x3.5
1500-1 1500-2 1500-3

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