Reico LF Amplifiers from TSL

The TSL AMP-1020 Series of LF Amplifiers are designed for the pre-amplification of wide dynamic range LF signals, in some applications directly from system antenna terminals.

All Reico LF Amplifiers exhibit industry-leading Dynamic Range performance, 6.0dB Noise Figure, are available with gains from 12.5 dB to 20dB, can be configured as gain and/or phase tracked devices, and packaged in a 4.5”L x 3.0”W x 1.4”H form factor. Some models incorporate lightning and strong CW signal protection.

A sampling of some of the LF Amplifier configurations are listed below. Various gains, impedances, and Input/Output Connections are available. Please contact TSL for detailed specifications or special product requirements not listed.

Reico LF Amplifiers – Product Specifications
TSL ModelFrequency RangeGAIN
AMP-1020C-000110.0 KHz–10.0 MHz12.550/50BNC/NL
AMP-1020K-000210.0 KHz–10.0 MHz15.050/50BNC/NL
AMP-1020K-000310.0 KHz–30.0 MHz15.050/50SMA/NL
AMP-1020K-000410.0 KHz–30.0 MHz17.050/50SMA/SMA
AMP-1020K-000510.0 KHz–10.0 MHz18.050/50SMA/NL
AMP-1020K-000610.0 KHz–10.0 MHz18.050/50SMA/NL
AMP-1020K-000710.0 KHz–10.0 MHz12.550/50SMA/NL
AMP-1020K-00084.0 KHz–10.0 MHz18.050/50SMA/SMA
AMP-1020K-000910.0 KHz–30.0 MHz12.550/50SMA/SMA
AMP-1020K-001110.0 KHz–1.6 MHz13.050/50BNC/NL
AMP-1020K-001210.0 KHz–1.6 MHz18.050/50BNC/NL

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