Reico HF Amplifiers from TSL

The TSL AMP-1200 and AMP-3100 Series Amplifiers are extremely wide Dynamic Range devices designed for the pre-amplification of HF signals directly from antennas.

The two Series cover the frequency range from 500 KHz to 32 MHz with gains from 8.5 dB to 20 dB and can be configured for amplitude and/or phase tracking. All models include a 5.5dB Noise Figure. Some models incorporate lightning and strong CW signal protection. Most models are packaged in a 4.5”L x 3.0”W x 1.4”H form factor.

A sampling of some of the Reico HF Amplifiers  configurations are listed below.

Various gains, impedances, and Input/Output Connections are available. Please contact TSL for detailed specifications or special product requirements not listed.

Reico HF Amplifiers – Product Specifications
TSL Model Frequency Range GAIN
AMP-1200-001 1.5 MHz–32.0 MHz 8.5 50/50 BNC/NL
AMP-1200-006 1.5 MHz–32.0 MHz 12.5 75/75 BNC/NP
AMP-1200-015 1.5 MHz–32.0 MHz 18.0 75/75 BNC/PH
AMP-1200-016 1.5 MHz–32.0 MHz 15.0 75/75 BNC/NP
AMP-1200-021 1.5 MHz–32.0 MHz 16.0 75/75 BNC/NP
AMP-1200-027 1.5 MHz–32.0 MHz 17.5 50/50 SMA/NP
AMP-1200-041 1.5 MHz–32.0 MHz 14.0 50/50 SMA/NP
AMP-1200K-035 1.5 MHz–32.0 MHz 18.0 50/50 SMC/SMC
AMP-3100 1.5 MHz–32.0 MHz 20.0 50/50 NP/NP
Reico HF Amplifiers from TSL

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