Reico Switch Matrix Products from TSL

TSL offers an impressive assortment of Reico Switch Matrix Products and Controllers.

The line of Reico Switch Matrix Products from TSL is designed to provide performance and modularity of Audio, Video, Digital, and HF/UHF/VHF switching. Each matrix type is a self-contained chassis ranging in size from a compact 3.5 inch rack mountable unit (TYPE I) to a 12.25 inch modular chassis (TYPE II) with switching capacities up to hundreds of crosspoints. The modular design allows expansion to provide thousands of crosspoints. All Switch Matrix Products incorporate internal diagnostics and Built-In-Test (BITE) is available. Most are designed to operate from 120/240 VAC 45-440Hz. Matrix Controllers are available providing direct and/or remote control of switching and signal distribution.

Reico Switch Matrix Products – General Product Specifications
Type Signal
Audio Switch Matrices DC to 50KHz
  • Non-Blocking
  • Full-Fanout
  • DC or Transformer
    Input/Output Coupling
  • 600 ohm balanced or
    unbalanced impedances
Digital Switch Matrices EIA-422, EIA-232,
TTL, Keyline, ECL, T1/E1
  • Non-Blocking
  • Full-Fanout
  • Simultaneous switching
Video Switch Matrices DC to 30MHz
  • DC-Coupled
Hybrid Switch Matrices Audio and Digital Signals
  • Audio either transformer
    or DC-Coupled
HF Switch Matrices 400KHz to 30MHz
(Down to 20KHz available)
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Low Noise Figure
  • No Relays
UHF/VHF Switch Matrices 20MHz to 2000MHz
  • Non-Blocking
  • Full-Fanout
  • Down converted IF signals
  • Excellent Isolation
    and Dynamic Range
Reico Switch Matrix Products from TSL graphic Reico Switch Matrix Products mounted in rack Reico Switch Matrix Products circuit board

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