Electrical Cable Assembly Set (ECAS) from TSL

The A/C24U-2 (TSL Model 1079) is an Electrical Cable Assembly Set (ECAS) developed to provide distribution of electrical power to commercial medical equipment on Aeromedical Evacuation (AEROVAC) aircraft including the C-130, C-17, KC-10, and KC-135.

Electrical Cable Assembly Set (ECAS) from TSLThe ECAS is a portable unit that includes the adapters and the hospital grade extension cords and outlets required to allow a medical crew to make necessary connections in the airborne environment.

Each ECAS system is packaged in an environmentally sealed carrying case and includes hand held test sets for verifying power conditions on-board the aircraft.

TSL has provided over 1,500 ECAS units to the U.S. military and international customers.


ECAS Contents
Part Number Description QTY Per Set
8564050 ECAS Carrying Case 1
8564032-10 AC Electrical Cord, 25′ 6
8564032-20 AC Electrical Cord, 2′ 2
8564034-10 AC Adapter (C-130) 3
8564034-30 AC Adapter (C-130 Galley) 2
8564034-135 AC Adapter (KC-135) 1
8564034-140 Frequency Converter Adapter (KC-135) 1
8564034-145 Frequency Converter Adapter (KC-10) 1
8564036-10 AC Electrical Tester 1

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