Reico UHF/VHF Multicouplers from TSL

Reico UHF/VHF Multicouplers available from TSL include the MCE-4002C (20-500MHz) and the MCE-5002C (20-1000MHz) Series.

The MCE-4001C Series of Reico UHF/VHF Multicouplers is optimized for IF applications with band limiting filters included. Some of the more popular UHF/VHF Multicoupler Products are listed below with representative features and specifications. Variations on frequency, outputs, and connectors are available.

Please contact TSL for detailed specifications or special product requirements not listed.

Reico UHF/VHF Multicouplers – Product Specifications
TSL Model Frequency Range Outputs Input
MCE-4001C-0001 20.0MHz–88.0MHz 8 BNC BNC
MCE-4001C-0002 19.4MHz–23.4MHz 8 BNC BNC
MCE-4001C-0003 43.0MHz–46.0MHz 8 BNC BNC
MCE-4001C-0004 55.0MHz–80.0MHz 8 BNC BNC
MCE-4002C-0001 20.0MHz–500.0MHz 8 TNC TNC
MCE-4002K-0001 20.0MHz–1000.0MHz 8 N N
MCE-5002C-0001 20.0MHz–1000.0MHz 8 TNC TNC
MCE-5002K-0001 20.0MHz–1000.0MHz 12 TNC TNC
MCE-5002K-0002 20.0MHz–1000.0MHz 2×8 N N

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