Reico Video Switch Matrix Products from TSL

Reico Video Switch Matrix Products from TSL are available with variations on switching density, power supply, form factor, and Built-In-Test (BITE).

Some of the more popular Video Switch Matrix Products are listed below with representative features and specifications.

Please contact TSL for detailed specifications or special product requirements not listed.

Reico Video Switch Matrix Products – Specifications
TSL Model Signal Type Density
(IN x OUT)
Form Factor Other Features
SME-2500C-0001 DC-30MHz
16×16 3.5″ Rackmount Single Power Supply
SME-2432K-0001 DC-30MHz
48×32 5.25″ Rackmount Single Power Supply
SME-2322C-1001 DC-30MHz
32×32 7.0″ Rackmount Dual Power Supply
MSR-2500K-0008 DC-30MHz
80×160 19″ Rack System Dual Power Supply

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