Series 1200 L-Band Radar Amplifier Products from TSL

The TSL Series 1200 product line has been developed to satisfy requirements for pulsed L-Band Radar amplifiers and transmitters.

The Series 1200 amplifier is a solid state design used in applications utilizing high power and FPGA control. Typical models include input/output monitoring with mnemonic fault indicators and a continuous data stream of forward power, VSWR, and temperature information. The amplifier is protected against excess duty cycle and pulse width by means of proprietary software control. The protection is independent of the type of waveform being processed. Input modulation is accomplished using a TTL or CMOS compatible signal. Lower power models are in use as drivers for L-Band Radar Systems. Higher power models are used as output stages. Multiple units can be paralleled to provide output power levels up to several kilowatts (KW). Phase accuracies are maintained to ±3 degrees.

Series 1200 General Performance Specifications
Frequency 1200 MHz to 1400 MHz
RF Power out 10W–10,000W
Duty Cycle 20% (Maximum)
Pulse Width in 1 msec (Maximum)
Harmonic Suppression > 50 dBc
Protection Temperature, Input Overdrive, Reverse Polarity, Duty Cycle, Pulse Width, and Output VSWR
Input Power AC or DC Available (consult factory)
Operating Temperature -40⁰C (min) to +85⁰C (max)
Storage Temperature -55⁰C (min) to +100⁰C (max)
Cooling Forced Air or Natural Convection

Some of the more popular Series 1200 models are listed below with representative specifications. Variations on Frequency, Power, Duty Cycle, and Pulse Width, and other specification are available. Optional heat sinks are offered on selected models.

Please contact TSL for additional specifications or special product requirements not listed.

Popular Series 1200 Models

1230-1000-1250-1350 1250–1350 1000 8.6 100 6.0×1.6×9.0
1241A-1000-1290.3 1290.3 1000 3 550 8.5×6.8×1.2
1245-1000-1290.3 1290.3 1000 3 550 8.2×4.7×1.3
1247A-8000-1300 1300 8000 0.1 10 19.0×17.0x5.25
1255A-1250-1200/1400 1200–1400 1250 8 100 9.0×6.0x1.6/3.6
1257-2200-1200-1400 1200–1400 2200 2 15 15.5×9.8×2.0
1258-10000-1250-1350 1250–1350 10000 2 15 19.0×17.0x5.25

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