Reico Multicoupler Products from TSL

TSL offers an extensive line of Receiving Multicoupler products in the LF, HF, and UHF/VHF frequency ranges.

The following configurations are available for Reico Multicoupler products:

  • Single Chassis Models
  • High Performance Phase Tracked Models
  • Multi-Channel Units
  • Custom Rack Configurations of Multiple Units
General Reico Multicoupler Products Specifications
LF, HF Single Chassis Models
  • 1 Input/8 Output
    and 1 Input/16 Output High Isolation
  • Wide Dynamic Range
HF High Performance Models
  • 1 Input/8 Output
    and 1 Input/16 Output
    Phase and Amplitude Tracking available
HF Multi-Channel Units
  • High Density
  • One Unit can accommodate
    24 1:6 channels
    or 8 1:16 channels
    in a single 12.25″ Rackmount chassis
UHF/VHF Multicouplers
  • A variety of standard models available
  • Customized units may include:
    • multiple diplexed inputs
    • input bandpass limiting
    • special connector requirements
    • output quantity
    • varied input/output impedances
Reico Multicoupler Products from TSLReico Multicoupler Products from TSL diagram

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