Services from TSL

TSL is now offering selected services to our customers. These services have grown from capabilities developed to support our product lines and from strategic acquisitions focused on expanding our business base.

Services from TSL graphicThe following services and customer solutions are currently being offered:

Contract Electronics Design and Manufacturing
For over 42 years, TSL has been providing contract electronics design and manufacturing. This capability includes providing engineering design to meet customer requirements as well as “build-to-print” manufacturing in a turn-key environment. We specialize in printed circuit card fabrication, assembly and test; electronic system assembly and test; and the fabrication and test of a variety of cables, harnesses, and wire assemblies.

FPGA Design
Many of the TSL RF and Microwave Products require extremely accurate pulse-shaping and waveform manipulation. To accomplish this TSL has developed the capability to imbed Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) devices in the heart of our designs. We now offer this same FPGA Design service to our customers. We are equipped to utilize many of the more popular devices, such as Embedded PowerPC or MicroBlaze CPUs. Our process also includes an extensive Design Verification and Validation capability. Our FPGA Design Services also include comprehensive documentation with each design solution.

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