Electronic Contract Manufacturing from TSL

We specialize in printed circuit card fabrication, assembly and test; electronic system assembly and test; and the fabrication and test of a variety of cables, harnesses, and wire assemblies.

Printed Circuit Boards

TSL has been providing a full spectrum of electronic contract manufacturing for over 37 years. Part of this manufacturing capability includes the ability to manufacture and test populated printed circuit boards. We have established strategic relationships with selected vendors to provide the “bare” printed circuit boards. Everything involved in the design and assembly of the PCB is handled by TSL including layout, procurement of parts and components, assembly, inspection, test, marking, conformal coating, and packing and packaging for delivery.

Electronic Contract Manufacturing - soldering a circuit board Electronic Contract Manufacturing - circuit board measurements Electronic Contract Manufacturing - high-precision workstation

Electronics Assembly, Fabrication and Test

TSL also has the capability to assemble electronics systems and to fabricate cables and harnesses. As an electronics design and development entity, the TSL staff includes electronic engineers and technicians that support new product development and testing. When required, their talents are available to assist in the verification of customer designs and the testing of completed assemblies. They are equipped with a full complement of instruments, probes, data logging devices, and calibration standards as well as the common electronic hardware and components often used in the fabrication of electrical test fixtures (breakout cables, adapters, harnesses, etc.) required to support end item testing.

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