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tsl-systems-web-page-revTSL has been developing analog and digital electronics equipment since 1971. We pride ourselves on producing innovative designs that offer our customers performance and reliability at an affordable cost. TSL would welcome an opportunity to review your requirements and provide a system solution that meets your specifications. The types of systems that we have developed include:

Air Traffic Control System
TSL developed the Terminal Radar Video Switching System (TRVSS) to meet demanding FAA requirements to support critical switching activity for Air Traffic Controllers.

Power Distribution Systems
TSL Power Distribution Panels (PDPs) provide distribution of up to 400KW of power for military customers worldwide.

TV Ordnance Scoring System (TOSS)
The TSL Television Ordnance Scoring System (TOSS) is in use at military bombing ranges providing precise measurement of airborne delivered munitions.

Load Banks
TLS Load Banks are employed by the military to support the testing and/or loading of electrical generating equipment in adverse weather conditions all over the world.

Weather Instruments
The TSL Hygrothermometer has become the comparison standard for field climatic measurement of temperature and dew point.

Electrical Cable Assembly Sets (ECAS)
Military Aeromedical Evacuation (AEROVAC) crews rely on the TSL Electrical Cable Assembly Set (ECAS) to allow commercial medical equipment to operate from aircraft power.

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