History and Legacy of TSL

From the beginning, TSL has sought to be the best-of-the-best in customer satisfaction always placing the highest priority on customer needs regardless of the size or scope of the project. Our heritage of total commitment to quality service for our customers is one of the cornerstones of TSL.

Decade after decade, TSL has experienced growth by focusing on strategic initiatives of aligning the company as a one-source supplier. Our goal of achieving excellence on every project is coupled with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit shared by all employees.

Today, under the leadership of Mr. Andy Corbin, President, TSL continues its legacy and growth. The following major contracts summarize the growth that has shaped TSL into a one-source supplier:

Major Contracts:


  • 1975 – Design and production of 650 AC Load Banks, 0-33KW for the U.S. Army Troop Support Command.
  • 1975 – Design and production of an Automatic Generator Test Stand for the U.S. Navy.
  • 1978 – Fabrication and test of 14 Television Ordnance Scoring Systems (TOSS) for the U.S. Air Force Armament Development Test Center.
  • 1978 – Development and production of 50 Remote Readout Hygrothermometer Systems for the Federal Aviation Administration.


  • 1982 – Design and production of 400 Dew Point Hygrothermometers with Max/Min Displays for the National Weather Service.
  • 1984 – Development and production of 1280 Electrical Cable Assembly Sets (ECAS) for the U.S. Air Force Material Command.
  • 1987 – Design and production of over 15,000 Power Distribution Panels for the U. S. Air Force, U. S. Navy and U. S. Army.


  • 1992 – Design and production of Terminal Radar Video Switching Systems (TRVSS) for the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • 1992 – Design and Production of 1100 Temperature/Dew Point Sensors as part of the Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) for the National Weather Service.
  • 1995 – Development and Production of 16 Transmitter Modules for the AN/PPX-3 IFF Interrogator for the U.S. Army (first microwave amplifier contract).
  • 1998 – Design and production of 60 1KVA Power Amplifiers and 30 2KW Power Supplies for the AN/WQM-6A Sonar System for the U.S. Naval Weapons Center.
  • 1999 – Design and production of 35 Dual Output 1030 MHz Amplifiers for Austrian Aerospace Gmbh.


  • 2002–2009 – Production of 56 Reico HF Pre-Amp Chassis Assemblies for General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems.
  • 2003 – Design and production of 1800 Fiber Optic Modems for the National Weather Service.
  • 2008 – Production of 311 Electrical Cable Assembly Sets (ECAS) for the U.S. Air Force Mobility Command.


  • 2012–2018 – Development and production of 2.5KW IFF/TACAN Calibrators for U.S. Air Force Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratories (PMEL).