Load Banks | AC Load Bank from TSL

The TSL Model 1057 Load Bank is a portable, self-contained test unit designed for testing and/or loading electrical generating equipment.

TSL Model 1057 Load Banks
The TSL Load Bank is capable of providing a selectable resistive load of any value up to 33 KW to a single or three-phase generator, at any frequency from 50 to 1000 Hz. Through selectable input connections, the load bank may be used on generators of 120 or 240 VAC single phase, 120/208 VAC and 240/416 VAC three-phase 4-wire, or 240 VAC 3-wire.

The TSL Load Bank is skid mounted and is designed for storage and operation outdoors, under adverse weather conditions. It is portable and designed to be moved by a two man crew.

TSL has delivered over 500 Load Banks to the U.S. Armed Forces. We also design and manufacture custom Load Banks. Contact us for more information.

TSL Model 1057 Load Banks – Specifications
Continuous Rating 120/208 or 240/416 VAC, 3-phase, 4-wire
120 or 240 VAC, 1-phase, 2-wire at 50-1000 Hz
Fixed Loads 3, 6, 9, 12 or any combination up to 33KW in multiples of 3
Variable Loads Combined fixed and variable control of loads between 0.5KW and 33KW, single-phase or balanced 3-phase operation
Temperature Limits -25⁰F to +125⁰F, with relative humidity up to 100%
Acceleration Limits 2.5g momentarily applied to any 3 major axis, in both directions

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