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TRVSS | Terminal Radar Video Switching System

trvss-data-sheet-revThe Terminal Radar Video Switching System (TRVSS) was developed by TSL to provide controllers, at large air traffic locations, a fast, reliable means of selecting from multiple surveillance radars. The TRVSS also affords controllers a means of backing up essential radar control in the event of a radar malfunction or data loss, while also providing a means of controlling several air spaces from a single traffic control facility.

The TRVSS (TSL Model 1116) is a highly reliable, solid-state switching and distribution system configured to process radar video, sweep, and map signals from up to eight radars to any number of Air Traffic Control operator display positions. Each TRVSS independently handles 15 operator positions, with redundant power supplies and front panel status monitors.

The TRVSS is designed to instantly lock operator selections and route the selected data to the display position. For TRACONs utilizing Automated Radar Terminal System (ARTS) IIIE systems, the TRVSS can be configured to signal routing changes and provide automatic shifting of alphanumeric display information. The TRVSS can also provide redundancy of the Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR-9) Surveillance and Communications Interface Processor (SCIP) by use of independent display position inputs and system buffering, ensuring compatibility with older, serial format systems.

Signal Switching Features
Video NOR, WX, MTI, BEACON BCN/ANA Output adjustable, 0-6v
Digital ACP, ARP, DTT, ELT and all Alpha triggers Output adjustable, 0-6v
Triggers RPT Output adjustable, 0-6v Adjustable PT delay 0-128╬╝sec
Map Video Up to 30 map videos and 35 map maintenance lamps per radar Output adjustable, 0-6v
VDCP Up to 8 SCIPs may be controlled by one VDCP.
All display and switch functions selected

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