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TOSS | Television Ordnance Scoring System

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The Television Ordnance Scoring System (TOSS) , TSL Model 1168B, is designed to measure the accuracy of airborne ordnance delivery on a controlled bombing range, providing a miss distance accuracy of ± 10 feet. The impact area is monitored by two precisely aimed low-light-level television cameras utilizing an RF video link to a control console. Video from a “flank” camera is transmitted to a control console where it is merged with video from a “main” camera. Views from either or both cameras may be selected at the control console. An operator places a cursor over the impact point in each video view and the direction and distance from a surveyed aim point is calculated. The video may be recorded for later playback. Mission data, along with date/time, can be entered and overlaid on the video.

toss-data-sheet-revAn optional imaging infrared sensor for night operation may be included as an adjunct or replacement for the television cameras. An optional laser spot sensor/tracker may also be incorporated for scoring the miss distance between a laser-designated spot and an impact point.

The TOSS equipment is located at three types of sites: at camera sites, at repeater sites, and at control sites. The number and locations of the equipment sites vary among ranges. The terrain and size of the range determine how many of each type of site is required.

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